Wind duck Decoys

Mallard Duck Decoys have a flocked head  mallard duck decoy, 


cnhuntingcamo Mallard Duck Decoys have a flocked head  mallard duck decoy, stainless steel shaft, sealed stainless steel ball bearings, lightweight yet durable laser cut aluminum wings with a two part epoxy primer and a flat industrial paint for a long lasting finish. Smooth and whisper quiet, the wings will spin in less than a 5 MPH wind.

cnhuntingcamo  Mallard Duck Decoys are designed for use with a ¾” conduit pole (not included) so hunters can customize their decoy spread by cutting the pole to whatever length works for their particular application

Unlike motorized decoys requiring you to re-charge batteries and pull string decoys with the hassle of manual operation, the simple yet effective design of the cnhuntingcamo Mallard Duck Decoys is ultra reliable with only a small amount of maintenance required. Use a light oil on the shaft and bearings a couple of times per season and your Revolution decoy will continue to perform flawlessly for years.

cnhuntingcamo Mallard Duck Decoys Specs

Wind duck Decoys

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