Automatic trap with leg

50 Target Auto feeder, could reach 90 target with Extension Kit
-Consistent 90 Meters Range
-1.8 second cycle time
-Unique automatic tray leveling system


automatic trap thrower is an first class, first quality electric clay target thrower which use 12V battery to launch clay target, it can throw incredible 90 meter consistently and with 50 target capacity, it have 1.8 second cycle times and use an automatic leveling system to release every target smooth and stable, to avoid the broken clay targets in the long run.

Constructed of heavy-duty, powder coated steel, this automatic trap thrower come with a sturdy leg base and pivot adapter to allow you to adjust the height of the target, the wobbler kit is also available to make these adjustments automatically, it is a great addition for the serious shooter who looking for more challenge.

A foot pedal with an adjustable cord is included, and this trap machine is also compatible with the wireless remote for even farther activation ranges.

Automatic trap thrower

-50 Target Auto feeder, could reach 90 target with Extension Kit

-Consistent 90 Meters Range

-1.8 second cycle time

-Unique automatic tray leveling system

-Foot pedal release

-All cord lengths adjustable

-Heavy-duty, powder-coated steel frame

-Elevation angle from 5 to 35 degree

-Wobbler Kit could be fitted

-Powered by 12volt marine battery

-Weight:29 KGS

-Wireless remote is available

-Throw most any standard size clay(108mm)

- Assembles in minutes & comes with instructions.

-One year warranty

cnhuntingcamo is a professional supplier for different kinds of trap thrower, include manual trap thrower, automatic trap thrower, professional trap machine, Skeet Trap machine and Olympic Trap machine.

Automatic trap with leg

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