Gun key combination lock

Protects against child tampering
• Compact in size and ergonomically accurate
• Can be easily slipped into a gun holster without interfering with the locking mechanism


Help prevent accidents and mishandling of firearms with this versatile trigger combination lock that universally fits rifles, shotguns and handguns. Trigger locks prevent motion of the trigger which in turn prevents the firing of the weapon. The device features an adjustable ratchet mechanism for positive locking on most firearms. The cushion pads protect your gun's finish from marring or scratching. This lock also features quick, easy push-together installation over the trigger but what differentiates this item from any other trigger lock is the use of a combination to unlock. Where keys can be misplaced or located by unwanted parties, combinations can't. This offers a new level of protection that you will not find elsewhere. Once the correct combination has been entered, the device's pull-apart release mechanisms make it easy to remove. Don't compromise the safety of those at home or in the workplace by keeping your firearms unprotected. Get the Trigger Combination Lock today!

Product Features:
• Securely locks to the trigger and trigger guard to prevent unauthorized use
• Ratcheting lock clamps down firmly on many pistols, rifles or shotguns
• Non-marring cushions line the interiors of the locks to guard against scratching
• Adjustable width by using the rubber protection pads
• Combination easily changes for extra security
• Durable steel and zinc bodies resist tampering
• Three digit combination accounts for 1000 possible number combinations
• Protects against child tampering
• Compact in size and ergonomically accurate
• Can be easily slipped into a gun holster without interfering with the locking mechanism

Package include:
1 X Trigger Combination Lock

Gun key combination lock

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