Plastic Trigger Lock

Plastic lock body with Steel key;
Light, smart and convenient to carry;
Quick, easy and safe to push-together installation over trigger;
Any appearance and color can be designed as per buyers requirement
without change the triggers standard constructi


Used for trigger locking, to ensure safety of the gun; 

Plastic lock body with Steel key;

Light, smart and convenient to carry;

Quick, easy and safe to push-together installation over trigger;

Any appearance and color can be designed as per buyers requirement

without change the triggers standard construction and dimension..

Material: Plastic lock body with Steel key.

Features: Light, smart and portable with beautiful shapes and colors

Packing: In bulk or in card with color box or double blister packing

Any appearance and color can be designed with same function as per buyers requirement 


Operation Instructions:

-- Check to make sure gun is not loaded.

-- Put gun on safety.

-- Unscrew two halves and then position two halves on each side at  the rear of the trigger guard.

-- Lip reaching over trigger guard should ideally be behind trigger.Tighten screw.

-- If lock does not fit because of trigger position, try lock on the other side of gun.

-- After lock is installed, check whether lock is tight and can not move. It must fit firmly.

-- Fits most guns. If this lock does not fit try a keyed trigger lock a cable lock. This lock is not fit for lever action guns.

Plastic Trigger Lock

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